3 6
4 7
3 2
7 8 9
5 3
3 4
2 3


My Sudoku fever started on a business trip to Singapore. I had a twelve-hour flight ahead of me with nothing good to occupy my time. That thought only made me uptight.
Daily Sudoku

A great place to stop daily for updated and challenging sudoku. Packed with archived games and present, Daily-sudoku.com is sure to offer you something for your day. With online play to beat those best time records or to print and play at your leisure.

Sudoko is now a massively popular game played both on and offline. It's a great game for stimulating your brain and lateral thinking. Many online gamers also enjoy luck-based . For a game that requires more strategic thinking, online poker is more popular than ever
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How Daily Sudoku Started

I left my book at home. I have trouble with sleeping, let alone on a plane. I kind of ran out of options. I didn't know how lucky that Sebastian, an English guy, sat in the seat next to me. We started to chat, and in no time Sebastian revealed to me what Sudoku was all about. I was fascinated!!

At first it seemed easy - the rules were pretty simple but as soon as we started, it got harder. Sebastian and I were hooked, and our flight became short and enjoyable.

Being a web designer, I have decided to promote daily Sudoku and present it to whom it may concern. Once you start, you're in, and you can't quit. It will "haunt" your mind anywhere, and you will play anywhere you can. I have the sudoku fever, how about you?

I might add, as an ex-solitaire addict, Sudoku puzzles made a change in the way I think. I swear I am much more focused and alert. Try it, and you will find out for yourself.

Now it's been three months since the site has been launched, and I cannot give up solving a Sudoku. Our daily puzzle has received many acknowledgments from Sudoku fanatics and media coverage around the globe, not to mention the high popularity of the Sudoku book and hosting/ syndication."

Sudoku Instructions:

"Fill in the grid so that every row,
every column, and every 3x3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9."

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